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Carmen Lomas Garza Primary Center (Dena Primary Center)

Carmen Lomas Garza Primary Center (Dena Primary Center)

Deputy, Chief Facilities Executive Jim Cowell

September 5, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

Garfield Traub recently acted as the developer of “8″ Primary Centers in South Central Los Angeles for LAUSD.

Garfield Traub did a superb job coordinating and managing the simultaneous development of these eight separate projects, interfacing with eight different LAUSD Representatives at eight different locations, coordinating delivery by the builder and its eight separate project staffs and more than 200 subcontractors in accordance with eight distinct sets of plans and specifications each prepared and administered by a different architect and engineer.

Garfield Traub’s role representing the best interests of LAUSD as a mediator, facilitator and negotiator with the builder allowed for issues to be resolved equitably, timely and efficiently. Garfield Traub acted as a buffer between the owner and builder, and was always candid in advising both parties of its recommendation for the resolution of issues. Garfield Traub finalized all issues and not one item was in dispute in the form of a claim.

Challenges inevitably arise on every construction project. The ultimate measure of performance is the timing and manner in which problems are identified and corrected. Demonstrating great professionalism and teamwork, the Garfield Traub team rose to the occasion and met this test.

Garfield Traub’s experience and expertise ensured ultimate success of this highly visible and important project in LAUSD’s building program.


Jim Cowell
Deputy, Chief Facilities Executive

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